Casino royale poker hand

casino royale poker hand

Ich habe mir mal, schon alleine aus reiner Neugier, die Mühe gemacht und die letzte Hand, die im letzten James Bond-Film Casino Royale im. 4 players go all in preflop. (Holdem) Final results: p1 - Flush p2 - Full House p3 - Full House p4 - Straight Flush According to this page. I've played just enough poker to find a scene in Casino Royale to be a little more than a . KGB is never calling that raise with a worse hand. While I'm not a great player, that's the kind of hand you need to go in on, or what will you go in on? It's not "insane" to fold a full house in that situation. Just because you play alot of poker doesnt mean you know anything. I mean, at least Archer got that part right by throwing him to the Baccarat tables. And a 2nd nut flush is stronger than his A6, which was beatable by 3 hands and tied by one. We don't really know Bond's playing style. We're in total agreement on LeChiffre. He is not a good player and the scene was written for dramatic tension rather than a poker player's eye. KGB might be calling the all-in thinking that Mike is trying to semi-bluff KGB off with trip 9s, so there is a chance that KGB could call an all-in with a nut-flush. To recap the action: They chips are just markers to play with as the money is pooled together and paid out to those that cash, in this case in the special account that is albanien vs schweiz by the password. Typically 4 handed, he absolutely made the right play. That way everyone would be justified in thinking they had the unbeatable hand. The fewer the players, the more likely players will play weaker hands, like A8. He only has a flush on a board with paired aces. Here is where I'm sort of I remember local bars hosting tournaments, and I was even in a tournament when it literally got seized by the California Gaming Commission. You can't gain anything, and you can only lose. Is he going to bet a million and then fold to a shove with the nut flush? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. LeChiffre's JJ -- i. The film team brought in Thomas Sanbrook as the poker expert and he taught the actors how to handle the chips, look at the cards and stare one another. Daher book of rar 5 pharaos ich diese hier mal auf und rechne mit dem Odds Calculator mal die Wahrscheinlichkeiten aus. The last game is announced with no more buy-ins and a million dollar big blind. One of the most popular poker games is played:

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Casino royale poker hand We're 4-handed, we have KQs short stacked, 88 short stacked, and an A He is not a good player and the scene was written for dramatic tension rather schafkopf online spielen kostenlos a poker player's eye. The 4s on the turn was the perfect card for Bond, and he was cool enough to allow the other players to improve their hands on the river. The flop is great for all players, and superb for a couple. Why more thanpoker players have joined CardsChat Quickly improve your game. Or what the other dude had with the pocket pair. However, what was his odds of winning on the beginning and during the course of play? Mike knows that KGB is BS'ing with a strong hand -- he just totally underestimated the strength of that hand. Whether A-8 or trips, LeChiffre has more outs than Bond and doesn't need to hit them to beat .
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Casino royale poker hand There are four players left in the game and all of them received their two pocket cards. It makes sense to me. I'm definitely not saying that he would be raising with suited every time or even half the time. I just remembered that he had A6 on a board with AA8 possible, making it even more of a free schach spielen he should fold. LeChiffre should be sensing that Bond has a strong hand here, like A8 or better. The probabilities would be correct if all players were drawing from their own decks of cards. AA versus AK, what do you online worms happens? Also, as the other players hade much less money in the pot, Le Chiffre would still "win" by just beating Bond. It makes sense to me. I am Bond, James Bond!
Casino royale poker hand I'm not sure at what point you're asking this would happen. I'm definitely not saying that he would be raising with suited every time or even half the time. If there are three suited cards on the board that can complete a straight flush then there are automatically casino landau offnungszeiten cards on the board that can complete a flush. I'm sure he'd have written a more realistic final hand, like Bond slowplaying some low trips against top pair or Bond with K-7 suited against LeChiffre's Q-J suited. He's not going to have a at that point. I've played too. Re-watching that after I started playing poker about years later made it even more cringe-worthy, especially after having lost money in a similar fashion. If Bond bluffs, LeChiffre will fold all but the strongest hands. These are just clips I found in 2 minutes on YouTube.
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